Buying in a millennial market


As the millennial generation step on to the property ladder, we see different trends emerging and more caution being taken when buying first homes. Deemed by some as the ‘pickiest home buyers’, Generation Y are turning the tides of real estate. Where generations before had limited resources when buying property and considered their first purchase […]

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Client login makes selling easier


Paving the way, Harcourts use of technology allows for an easier and more informative selling experience for clients. One of our many technological improvements, client login, is a portal which gives clients 24 hour access to everything they need to know about what is happening with the sale of their property. This tool allows exclusive […]

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KiwiSaver: How it works and why it’s great for first home buyers


Home values have sky-rocketed over the past few years and it’s harder than ever for first home buyers to get a foot in the market. Government schemes such as KiwiSaver offer financial assistance but many people aren’t sure if they qualify and how much help they can get.

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The buyer’s guide to real estate agents: do you really need one?


By Richard Stringer, Manager, Harcourts Dunedin. Buyers often want to go with a DIY-approach to purchasing property. After all, real estate consultants work for the seller, don’t they? And they’re not there to help anyone buy property? This is a common misconception and, in actual fact, most consultants are just as prepared and eager to […]

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Your complete guide to buying a home


Buying a home is a big step and it can be daunting. There’s a lot to think about: What are the merits over renting? Have you saved enough? What else do you need to do to get your finances in order? Have you done enough research? How do you make an offer? What are the […]

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What 2016 taught us about the Central Otago property market

central otago property

By Kelvin Collins, CEO, Harcourts Highland Real Estate Group. 2016 has been a brilliant year for New Zealand and Central Otago in particular is benefiting from that. Our economy, tourism sector and property market continue to prosper and I expect continued growth and stability in 2017.

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How 2016 shaped the Queenstown property market


By Kelvin Collins, CEO, Harcourts Highland Real Estate Group. 2016 has been a great year for New Zealand and Queenstown is perhaps the town that’s benefited most in the whole country. Our economy and tourism sectors and the Queenstown property market continue to be among the strongest and I expect to see continued prosperity and […]

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