Wooing Tree Estate

Fringed by vines, this new development will retain and celebrate its unique location, with pride of place reserved for the iconic wooing tree. The vineyard and its cellar door will remain a key focus of the development, the beating heart of the wonderful new neighbourhood.

Location, Location, Location

Location truly is everything when it comes to creating a dream lifestyle that you love. Wooing Tree Estate has nestled its roots in the heart of Cromwell. Town centre, Lake Dunstan, and of course the vineyards are a mere skip away.

A Boutique Vineyard Development

Following the success of Wooing Tree Vineyard, owners Steve and Thea Farquharson are applying the same innovative, forward-thinking approach to develop the Wooing Tree Estate. With this move in a new direction they hope to not only transform their business, but also help Cromwell to grow as a hub of tourism.

Those familiar with the Wooing Tree Vineyard will know that it lies across the road from the “big fruit” of Cromwell. When they first purchased their land, there was little around them, but, over the years the town has grown and expanded, and they now find themselves virtually in the middle of town, says Steve; which led them into thinking about how the land was being used, and what it could be in the future.

“We decided to re-zone the land – to develop a boutique vineyard estate, offering opportunities for a mix of premium residential homes and selected hospitality and retail, designed to support the local wine and tourism industry.”

Grand Design

The vines are an integral part of the Wooing Tree story and a major component and consideration for future development of the site. Having a framework of viticulture at a scale where it still plays a part in the urban design, but doesn’t overwhelm it, is important to this development. With architectural forms that take the shape of a contemporary Central Otago response in the form of traditional gable roofs, avoiding hip roofs and that brick-and-tile approach to building homes. The intent is to keep a substantial fringe of vines that wrap around the entire south and west borders of the site, cloaking it in a soft green shroud creating a truly unique point of difference. The vines are not only a nod to the award-winning winery from which the new development takes its name, but also reference the nearby Bannockburn and Bendigo wine regions, home to some of Central’s top labels.

Take A Look At The Master Plan

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