The deadline sale: clearing up confusion

Originally published on: November 29, 2016 Updated: August 23, 2022 By Kay Lucas AREINZ Sales Consultant, Harcourts Dunedin. We’re often asked by clients to explain what a deadline sale is — it seems to cause a whirlwind of confusion! So we want to put that misunderstanding to bed once and for all.

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Apple recognises Harcourts custom apps across global web network

New Zealand Real Estate group Harcourts, has been selected from a world-wide category to be the first real estate company to be featured across Apple’s global web network with a case study showing how they have used Apple’s iOS technology to transform their business. In recognition of their innovation and use of the iPad and […]

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How to impress with your outdoor space


When you’re making last-minute tweaks before you get ready to sell your property, you’re usually thinking about one thing: how to add value quickly and inexpensively. The best way to do this is making some changes to your garden.

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AGENT ADVICE: buying investment property in Queenstown [2023 UPDATED]

Queenstown is a confident property market and investors are benefiting from extremely high rental occupancy levels and year-round tourism. Airport numbers have risen by  a huge amount especially international arrivals since mid 2022, the average median dwelling value in Queenstown has well recovered since the pandemic, and the average house price has topped $1.7M. It’s […]

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15 quick feng shui tips for good energy in your home

feng shui real estate

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of laws that aligns the arrangement of your home in relation to the flow of energy (chi). Based on the idea that our homes are a mirror of what’s happening in our lives, it’s thought you can affect what happens to you by encouraging good energy and repelling […]

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Top tips for applying for a rental property as a pet owner

pet owner rentals

Some property owners associate pets with added mess, damage and disturbance which can make it more difficult for pet owners to find a rental home. However, many landlords are beginning to see the advantages of pet owners as tenants. They may be more responsible if they have a furry friend to look after and they […]

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