Trust Your Agent - Going Above and Beyond

As many vendors know, there is quite a process to putting a property on the market. You need to be able to trust your agent to make the process as smooth and successful as possible.

A recent sale by Queenstown agent Kate Law, is a prime example of how Harcourts agents go above and beyond. Getting properties to market and making successful sales is a pathway to happy vendors at the end of the day.

Confidence in the market

The vendor had owned a spacious three-bed, three-bath home in Queenstown’s Sunshine Bay since 2004. Having lived in the property for four years, he relocated back to Christchurch and it was rented out until a period with no tenants (thanks to Covid) meant he decided to put it on the market.

“I actually thought with the way the market was heading that I had missed the boat,” the vendor said.

“Enter Kate Law whom I’ve known for many years in a professional capacity and as a friend. From the get-go she filled me with confidence about the Queenstown market and told me she would help me sell it. I knew I was in safe hands.”

Due diligence

Kate put in significant due diligence for the vendor before placing 32B McKinnon Terrace on the market.

As a 1990’s building, there weren’t any obvious concerns about the house, but she ordered a LIM report and a building report and looked over plans regardless. Even though it was a long weekend, she also made an effort to get in touch with the vendor’s solicitor.

“Having building reports carried out before a property goes to market means we can easily provide them to potential buyers. It gives the buyers confidence and peace of mind when it comes to making any decisions,” said Kate.

Trusting the agent

Knowing the market, Kate said there was no rush to take the property to market.

“Building a good relationship with the vendor is so important. I wanted to ensure they’d trust me so we could work together to present this property in its very best light,” said Kate.

The vendor was motivated to sell and placed an incredible amount of trust in Kate. Following all her advice, he invested in selling the property and no marketing was missed.

“I’m not based in Queenstown so placed all my trust in Kate to get the job done. I followed her guidance, agreeing to staging the house, fixing anything that needed repairing and I was delighted to hear that she even brought some heaters in for the open days,” he said.

To market

The results spoke for themselves when the property was finally listed.

“The first offer came through just seven days later,” said Kate. “The open homes were buzzing with all our consultants showing their people through.

“A further three offers were presented to the vendor, each from a different Harcourts Queenstown team member. It was a real team effort.”

The property sold for 10% over CV and the sale was all wrapped up just 14 days after being listed.

Happy vendor

“I couldn’t believe how quickly it sold,” said the vendor.

“Kate has ambition, confidence, enthusiasm and honesty. She presented and marketed my property with panache and style and found me a buyer quickly.

“It was a fantastic experience, and I would recommend Kate when selling your property because she will go the extra mile.”