The Online Property Appraisal

With the COVID-19 lock-down eliminating physical contact with those who are not in your “bubble”, there is a growing reliance now more than ever on digital capabilities.

At Harcourts Otago we are fortunate to have a robust IT system across our six offices which allows our entire team to work remotely, in this case from home. So what does this mean for you? We have the tools and technology at our fingertips to continue to appraise properties digitally.

You may be wondering, what does the process look like?

  1. Request an obligation-free online property appraisal through our online form.
  2. Upon receiving your request, one of our sales consultants in your area will contact you to introduce themselves and find out more about your situation. They will also set up a time for a video meeting through your preferred online platform which could be Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or Facebook messenger.
  3. During the video meeting you will virtually meet our sales consultant and they will ask you to give them a virtual tour around your property (as if they were physically there themselves!)
  4. Once the sales consultant has all the information they need, they will prepare the relevant documentation including; detailed report on market value, comparable recent sales and recommendations based on your current situation.
  5. Our sales consultant will then schedule a follow up video meeting to go through and discuss the documentation with you as well as answer any questions you may have. Online appraisal complete!

You will notice from the process described nothing major has changed, apart from eliminating the physical contact component. Since the lock-down came into place, Kirsty and Adam in Queenstown and Rhys Chamberlain in Alexandra have both completed online appraisals for their clients.

We cannot stress enough that this component is not essential for property appraisals now that we have access to all these digital, communication platforms that allow us to keep in contact 24/7.

If you are interested in knowing the value of your property, or are in a position where you need to sell, please do not hesitate in requesting an obligation-free online appraisal or contact your preferred Harcourts sales consultant for more information.