Why teamwork makes real estate tick

By Richard Stringer, Manager, Harcourts Dunedin.

Teamwork. It’s an easy term to throw out there, and one you hear a fair bit in real estate. But what does it really mean and how does it make a difference in our industry?

Agent undercover

Last year, I got the opportunity to go incognito in the Dunedin real estate market.

My wife and I were on the search for a Dunedin home after moving to the city. The real estate sales consultants we came into contact with didn’t know that I would soon become a direct competitor. It was great — I got to research the market and see how real estate was conducted in the city.

The experience highlighted how essential it is to be looked after by a sales consultant who understands teamwork.

We particularly enjoyed the service of consultants who strived to understand our requirements and took a genuine interest in our needs. They asked in-depth questions about why properties were or weren’t what we were looking for. And, most importantly, they assessed their whole company’s listings for suitable options — not just their own.

Dunedin real estate teamwork

Unfortunately, we also experienced a more blinkered approach to consultancy.

It was extremely evident when a consultant cared only about their own listings and wasn’t willing to work as part of a team. After visiting open homes, for example, we received follow-up calls from only a handful of consultants — we wondered whether those we didn’t hear from cared about our property search at all if we weren’t going to buy one of their listings.

To look at it from the other side of the equation, if I was a seller I would want a client-focused and team-oriented consultant to market my property, too. I want to know that they have strong relationships with a range of buyers and are able to provide genuine and informed feedback from the buying market.

The open and collaborative approach from some Dunedin consultants was what ultimately found us our new home.

Dunedin real estate team

Trusting the process

Here at Harcourts, we’ve always taken our commitment to teamwork very seriously, and we have a number of practices in place to make sure we’re always pooling our resources.

Our sales team visits new listings every Tuesday as part of our weekly meeting. This is called the “caravan” and it makes sure every consultant fully understands each listing and can best explain it to their individual database of buyers.

We launch a new property to the market after the whole team has seen it and has had the opportunity to contact their buyers. This gives our database of buyers priority access to the dozens of new listings we get per month.

We have IT systems and technology that are among the best in the industry — it’s really easy for our team to quickly contact sellers, buyers and each other.

As well as this, we offer similar benefits for both the consultant who lists a property and the consultant who sells it. This generates real motivation to work with buyers as well as sellers: to learn what they want, to keep in touch and to find their ideal home — regardless of whose listing it is.

Dunedin real estate team breakfast

True teamwork

We love this approach because it genuinely is the best way to get excellent results for each and every one of our clients. It explains why we so often generate multiple offer situations or get multiple bidders to auction.

And, as well as seeing superb results, we can be confident that we’ve done everything we can for our clients, that we’ve been sincere and trustworthy, and that we’ve truly delivered in their best interest.

Teamwork is something we take pride in.

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