A sweet season in Cromwell

Cromwell is famous for its delicious stonefruit and vibrant orchards and this year our cherries have even been lauded “the best in the world”.

That’s quite a claim — but one we definitely agree with. Even though we’d like to keep all of the delicious fruit for ourselves, Cromwell’s cherries make up at least 45 per cent of New Zealand’s exports.

cromwell cherries

The taste of our town

The best time to pick or buy cherries in Cromwell is from November to February, making it perfect for summery fruit salads and desserts. And we’re not sure about you, but we think they’re particularly tasty paired with another world-famous local offering: Central Otago Pinot Noir.

Historically, the region was noted for wine production in 1895 and, although stone fruit was more popular for a long time, grapes have prevailed once more after recent rapid expansion. With nearly 1,500 hectares of Central Otago land dedicated to Pinot Noir production, visitors flock from far and wide to enjoy our excellent wineries and remarkable landscape.

Cromwell vineyard

A superfood for a super place

We’ve always known Cromwell is one of New Zealand’s hidden gems, and more and more people from both here and overseas are realising the beauty of Central Otago living. Property prices have risen by 10 per cent over the year to October 2016. And the economy is extremely strong right now with a flourishing tourism industry that’s boosted employment.

One of the best things about owning property in Cromwell is having easy access to our wonderful produce. Living here gives you the opportunity to become a real expert in our acclaimed wine and enjoy our celebrated fruit straight from the tree.


We thought it was only right that we celebrate summer with a recipe that incorporates two of our most heralded exports. You can’t get much more “Cromwell” than that!

Here’s the delicious – and easy – recipe.

What’s your favourite Cromwell produce? What do you love about living here? We’d love to find out on Facebook or Twitter. And, if you’re yet to try our beautiful cherries and wine, read more about our local orchards and wineries.


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