As daunting as it may sound initially, a passion for helping others achieve their dreams and a driven personality make up the foundation for a successful real estate agent. In addition to personality factors, there is also a learning component in becoming an agent. To get started you don’t need to have previous experience but you will need to complete a number of certificates and qualifications.

First of all, you will need to complete a Level 4 National Salespersons Certificate which can be done through Harcourts’ very own registered training academy. The next step will be to apply to the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) to obtain your current registered license as required by NZ law.

It’s as simple as that to get started!

A person can begin their career in real estate at any stage of their career life. Whether it is your first career choice or a mid-career change from a different industry, becoming a real estate agent eliminates excessive amounts of training or re-training.


There are many beneficial aspects that are associated with this role, including;


You will essentially become your own boss. You will have the flexibility to dictate your own work schedule with the hours that suit your lifestyle. Many people see this freedom to be a prominent career advantage.

Uncapped earning potential

A commission based position is what you make it and all depends on how self-motivated you are. The harder you work, the more you will be able to reap the rewards of a successful agent.

Job Satisfaction

Unleash your potential in a competitive but positive environment that will provide you with help when you need it. The help of a supportive team makes a big difference in the real estate industry, which you will find at Harcourts.


At the end of the day a real estate agent is responsible for the sale of properties and assisting buyers find suitable properties. Our first value, People First, indicates that an agent should feel the same excitement and frustrations as their clients do. Our agents at Harcourts are extremely hard-working and get down to business however they also know how to have fun.

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