Queenstown Market Remains Strong

At a time when there’s media commentary about a slower market and changes to financial lending rules, there’s plenty of evidence out there that the market is still going places.

Take this recent sale (fittingly enough on International Women’s Day with its theme of gender equality) in Queenstown’s Arthurs Point. Listed by Kirsty Sinclair and her team, it was the second investment property in six months that Kirsty was listing for Queenstown midwife Wendy Wilkins.

Recognising the changes in the market in just those few short months, Kirsty and Wendy discussed selling methods. Confident that the well-presented ‘home-plus-income’ property would attract keen buyers, they chose to put a price on it and invite offers rather than take it to auction as they had previously.

“I trust Kirsty and the team at Harcourts 100%, so when she came around and we discussed selling methods she explained exactly how the whole process would work in the case of multi offers and I was confident this would work best for me,” says Wendy.

“I can see how hard she works and yet she was always there any time I needed to talk or had questions. Thanks to her knowledge of the market we put it on at just the right price, not too high and not too low, and within four days I had four different offers from Kirsty and the team.

“I had concerns about agents knowing what other prices had been offered and using that to drive up offers, but Kirsty assured me that offers were made in complete confidentiality and the only person who knew the details of them all was Warwick Osborne, one of their directors.

“I couldn’t have been happier to hear from Warwick and have all four offers presented over the phone and in a follow-up email complete with settlement dates and conditions. I was delighted to accept the one that was $25,000 over the asking price, required no due diligence and was just two weeks to settlement.

“I felt like I was treated throughout by the Harcourts team with honesty and respect. I appreciated how hard Kirsty worked to bring her buyer to the table because she knew the property would really work to meet his needs.

“And this just goes to show that behind every good woman is a bunch of other really good professional women!”

Harcourts Highland Real Estate Group managing director Warwick Osborne says he’s taken this success story as an opportunity to remind agents about the importance of client relationships.

“We could have gone….property sold, end of story, move on,” he says.

“But what this shows is that despite all the stories of a waning market, on this property alone we had multiple committed buyers, and another who got cold feet at the last minute, who missed out on buying.

“The agent whose buyer got cold feet even offered to knit him a pair of socks. That’s why we’re Number One in New Zealand in client experience, and Wendy’s lovely comments are proof of why we’re New Zealand’s most trusted real estate brand, for nine years in a row.

“So I challenged our agents to pick up the phone. Talk to three vendors who would benefit from knowing Wendy’s story. Talk to three buyers and use this story as an example of what’s happening in the market, right here and right now.

“The opportunities are still there, the buyers are there and people want to sell. It’s our job to help make this happen.”