Four key ways property marketing increases the value of your home

A strategic multi-channel property marketing campaign will almost always deliver a better sale result. Kelvin Collins, CEO at Harcourts Otago, shares four crucial marketing aims which come together to add value to your property.

Kelvin property marketing
Kelvin Collins, CEO Harcourts Otago

I’ve always believed that selling your home is all about influencing the market’s perception of your property. You need to advertise in the right channels with the right content to create the ultimate conditions for a successful sale.

At Harcourts Otago, we’ve spent 20 years refining our property marketing techniques. In the 90s we relied on print advertising and then, as the world became digital, we quickly moved online thanks to the innovation and strength of Harcourts. And, in the last decade or so, social media and search engines have become game-changing ways to reach buyers.

Over this period, we’ve offered sellers many different marketing packages consisting of the best options available at the time. Each package has been devised with four key aims which come together to show buyers how great your property is and encourage them to make a serious enquiry in the initial stages. Let me explain:

  1. Build trust in your property

It’s not just about reaching more people — it’s also about reiterating a strong message to the same potential buyers. According to many popular psychology theories, the more a buyer comes across a particular product (or, in this case, property), the more they trust and value its proposition. That’s why investment in extensive marketing really works. Shout from the rooftops that your property is for sale and you’ll get far more genuine interest.

  1. Create urgency

The rarer the opportunity, the more valuable it’s perceived to be. A great marketing campaign will emphasise the unique opportunity your property presents and signal to buyers that they won’t get another chance like it, therefore increasing its apparent value. Make sure your photographs capture your property in the best light and get across the key selling points early on in your ad text.

  1. Generate competition

Prove that your property is well-regarded by the rest of the market — people tend to adopt the beliefs and actions of others so, when they observe others’ interest in a property, they’re more likely to take on the same view for themselves. Additionally, if they already like a property, seeing others’ interest will tap into their emotions and produce a competitiveness as they become protective of a home they already almost consider their own.

Social media is great for visibly showing market interest while a good copywriter will also subtly evoke emotion to help buyers fall in love with the idea of the home — they then become more likely to step up to the competition should they need to.

  1. Imply attainability

If the property is priced, the target buyer must believe it’s at a fair level. And if it’s unpriced, the buyer must believe that the seller is serious about selling and will be willing to meet the market. Both of these perceptions are controlled by the content of the marketing campaign. Photography, headings, writing, presentation — all should be carefully assembled to validate the stated price or imply the seller is serious.

At Harcourts, we believe the difference between a good and a great sale result lies in the quality of property marketing and advertising. With skilled consultants and a dedicated marketing team, our focus on these four crucial objectives has produced prime conditions and successful sales for our clients since 1995.

Today, our property marketing packages are what we believe to be the perfect blend of proven advertising in traditional channels as well as innovative digital and social media marketing. The real estate landscape and technology are constantly changing so we need to adapt too — we’re experimenting with new methods all the time so we can be confident we offer our clients the highest profile, greatest value and best result possible for their property.

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