Is your property a little rough around the edges? Time to sharpen up to get the best result.

Are you thinking of selling your home in 2020? Remember you only get one shot at making a good first impression. Take advantage of this time to do some of the touch ups needed, you won’t regret the investment.

Those with time to plan the sale of their property can complete home maintenance and even plan or undertake some small renovations, and decorate in preparation for the sale.

There are a number of quick and easy ideas you can employ to get your home looking its best to make that all important first impression a powerful statement, so your property stands out.

Street appeal

Take a walk down your street and make notes on how your property compares to others, and what it would take to make it really stand out. Ask a trusted friend to help point out any minor changes you could make to add up to a great first impression.

It could be as easy as oiling or painting a front gate. Ensure your front gardens and lawns are tidy so visitors form a favourable impression to get them feeling positive by the time they get to your front door.

Small repairs

Make a list of repairs required and fix them up. Replace all light bulbs that aren’t working. Small renovations won’t break the bank but they could have a big impact on offers. Ask the professional opinion of your local Harcourts sales consultant to ensure you are committing time and money on the most profitable parts of your home.


Declutter your home and keep it simple. Stimulus overload can quickly turn potential buyers off. Remember, when there is too much to see, we don’t see anything.

Crowded rooms seem smaller than they are. Buyers don’t tend to bring a measuring tape and instead will assess each room mentally. If your furniture dwarfs your space, they will find it hard to picture themselves having enough space to live there. So make a plan to either sell or store excess furniture.

Freshen up

Post lock down look at having carpets and drapes professionally cleaned to remove any odours from pets or smokers. Get fresh air circulating around the home at every opportunity.

Buy or borrow modern accessories to liven up various parts of your home. A new stylish shower curtain and matching towels can do wonders to lift a bathroom. The latest throws, pillows and vases in a bedroom or lounge can add a new lease of life to cover outdated pieces.

Selling a property which is tenanted requires open communication and an understanding of everyone’s rights and responsibilities. You must advise the tenants in writing, you and your real estate agent need permission from the tenant to access the house for photography, open homes or viewings. Permission is also needed from the tenants before including any of their possessions in marketing photos.

Before putting your property on the market, discuss your ideas with your Harcourts sales consultant. With their experience and local knowledge they can assist with even smarter ideas, knowing what appeals to buyers as part of that first impression. They can help you get the ball rolling.