Is Winter A Good Time To Sell My Home?

Many homeowners overlook the cooler months when considering the sale of their home, but with the right strategy and team, winter can be the best time to sell your property. 

This year the market across Otago seems to be bucking the national trend and we have lots of qualified buyers ready to purchase.

Here’s why selling your home this winter could be to your advantage.  


1. Motivated Buyers – Nationwide housing shortages continue, and buyers are highly motivated to close a deal regardless of the season. With lending criteria easing slightly, banks are keen to lend to buyers. Interest rates have also plateaued giving buyers more confidence to borrow and buy now.

2. Flexible Buyers – We are seeing buyers are often more flexible in favour of sellers’ requirements, including longer settlement dates, and in some instances rent-back options. Sellers can have the peace of mind of being sold and able to line up their next opportunity in their preferred timeframes.

3. Wider Audience – All eyes are on our region during winter, attracting plenty of international and domestic visitors. The winter school holidays are the perfect opportunity to showcase your property.

4. Brightline Changes – The changes to the Brightline test in July may see an influx of properties on the market, list your property now with potentially less competition.

5. Emotional Appeal – A warm and inviting home during winter is a great way to draw buyers in and make them feel like your home is the one for them. 

If you’re thinking of selling, now is the time to bring your property to market. Contact your local Harcourts agent today to learn more.