How to impress with your outdoor space

When you’re getting ready to sell your property, you’re probably thinking about one thing: how to add value quickly and inexpensively.

One of the most cost-effective ways you can do this is to make sure your outdoor space is in tip-top condition.

And yes, that includes tidying up your lawns and ensuring your fences and gates are looking good. But, beyond that — what can you do to your outdoor space to really turn on prospective buyers?

Here are our 3 top answers:

1. Make sure your living areas flow seamlessly outdoors


The aim here is to create the sense that it’s easy and fuss-free to move from inside to outside and back — allowing for more comfortable and relaxed living. And it’s okay if your budget doesn’t allow for French doors: open as many windows and doors as possible (if it’s a nice day) and keep steps, paths and doorways free of clutter and easy to access.

2. Dedicate different spaces for different purposes

courtyard garden

Think of your garden as another “floor” of your property that needs to be divided into “rooms”. You could have an outdoor dining area, a play area for children and a vegetable garden. Keep them simple, unfussy and make them appear as low maintenance as possible. Buyers want to picture themselves relaxing in your garden – not toiling away because it needs constant upkeep.

3. Add special features if they fit with your property

swimming pool garden

One of our most frequently asked questions is whether features such as pools or pizza ovens add significant value to property.

Our answer? It all comes down to your target market. If you don’t have the space for a pool — and aren’t able to ensure it’s well-maintained and accessorised — it probably won’t add value.

If you have a pool and it suits the style of your property, brilliant — make the most of it with fun furniture and quality tiling, and make sure it’s kept clean.

pizza oven garden

It can be nice to add a classic, quality feature like a barbecue or a pizza oven, but think it through and decide whether or not you’ll really see the cost returned through your sale.

It’s often enough to set up a stylish and inviting outdoor entertaining area with good lighting, shelter and space: buyers will get excited about the prospect of adding their pizza oven, which could enthuse them into making an offer.

So, there you have it – three simple ways of adding value to your property and giving potential buyers a real treat when they step into your outdoor space.

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