Historic converted church a creatives dream

A converted church in Hawea Flat is calling out to inspired DIYers, history buffs, and savvy investors as it prepares for auction on March 13.

“Your own creativity is the only limit to what this unique Central Otago property can be,” says Harcourts agent Eamon Young.

Built in 1892, St Patrick’s Church was the first church built in the district and is an iconic snapshot of Hawea Flat’s earliest history. The landmark building is one of many churches and cathedrals across the South Island designed by acclaimed architect Francis Petre.

It originally featured a large community hall on the site in addition to the church, and many settlers and farmers were welcomed through the church doors in its lifetime. Following demolition of the hall in 1980, the deconsecrated church property was converted into a residential space.

“Churches of this nature rarely come up for sale, making this opportunity very special,” says Young.

“It’s an historic haven and there’s no shortage of DIY enthusiasts who are keen to preserve and showcase the heritage of this building in its full glory.”

Currently the ground floor consists of a large open-plan living area with a generous kitchen featuring beautiful arched stained-glass windows, and meticulously crafted timber ceilings showcase the elegance of this soaring space.

Wooden flooring creates plenty of rustic charm all the way through to the upstairs level, which features a mezzanine floor currently doubling up as the main bedroom.

The 1ha section is split into three separate titles which showcases its potential for additional landscaping and future development.

“The size of the land very much lends itself future potential for subdivision,” says Young.

Hawea Flat falls within the Wanaka Ward and it’s housing market has seen a period of fluctuation but there is optimism about the future.

“The Government’s decision to shorten the brightline test from ten years to two, which comes into effect in July, could greatly affect the Hawea market this year,” says Young.

New Zealand’s national housing market has consistently climbed and alongside it, Hawea Flats has had its own steep growth curve over the last five years. These changes reflect Wanaka’s average house prices increasing by 44% since 2019.

“With more properties available and a shorter waiting period to sell without penalties, it should make it easier for buyers and sellers. And because of interest tax deductibility, investors are showing more interest in property again,” says Eamon.

Located only fifteen minutes from Wanaka, Hawea Flat is its own bubble of paradise resting on the edge of the hustle and bustle.

Finding a property of this scale and with this potential in this area is rare, perfect for those wanting a change of pace or looking for more time in the outdoors.

The church property will be auctioned on March 13 unless sold prior.