Five signs it’s time to up-size your home

You first home is always a place you hold close to your heart as it marks a milestone in your life and holds many memories. When you first moved in you were happy in your three bedroom 1 bathroom sized home, but lately you’re feeling like you need more space as your life progresses. Here are five signs it’s time to up-size your home.

Growing family

The first and most obvious sign is that you have a growing family. Whether you are expecting your first or second child you’ll need bedrooms, possibly a children’s play room and some outside space for activities. You may want to consider up-sizing to a three bedroom home because you’ll definitely have visitors when the baby arrives!

On the other hand, your children may be going through the transition of becoming a teenager. Having high-school children comes with needing bigger bedrooms for bigger beds, a bigger dining room for a bigger dining table and places for them to study or hide away in. Particularly, if you’ve got two teenage girls, you may want to consider a house with more bathrooms!

Pet addition(s)

If you’re family isn’t growing by the number of humans, it may be growing by fur babies. Unless your newest pet addition is a tank of fish, you’ll need to think about the environment your furry friend is going to live in. This will make the need of an outdoor area more important and a covered alfresco area if you need to leave your pet home alone for a significant amount of time during the day.

The benefit of having these outdoor spaces means they are multi-purpose, enjoyed by children and perfect for garden enthusiasts. It also means you will have more space to entertain guests and enjoy the summer months.

You can afford more

Do you need to upgrade from a fridge freezer to a double door fridge with a water filter? Do you dream of bigger pieces of furniture to fit the whole family, or to have friends gather around on? Perhaps you’re sick of constant renovations and fixing bits and pieces around the house, is an entire home upgrade on the cards for you?

If buying a new home is not a feasible option for you at present, invest in high quality finishes or replacements. Whilst they will cost you in the short-term, the benefits outweigh the cost in the long-term.


One of the most visible signs it is time to up-size your home is the mass of items that don’t have homes! If you feel like you can’t fit all your belongings in your home, you know you have a storage issue. Particularly if your family is growing you will be accumulating more “stuff” between each family member which will be acquiring more and more space around your home.

Look for a bigger home that has great storage space, this could be a cupboard tucked away under the stairs or high kitchen cupboards for your rarely used kitchen appliances. Long gone are the days off cupboards full to the brim.

You need a home that can grow with you

Most importantly you need an adaptable home that will grow with you. When wanting to up-size your home you need to look for the hidden potential the property has. For example, extra space that could potentially be transformed into a temporary extra room for visitors. Is there great garage space for extra toys or potential there to convert into a teenage lounge.

Other things to think about would be the location and proximity to necessities, are you close enough to a day care, school and high school? Is your home located somewhere that can accommodate a career change?