15 quick feng shui tips for good energy in your home

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of laws that aligns the arrangement of your home in relation to the flow of energy (chi). Based on the idea that our homes are a mirror of what’s happening in our lives, it’s thought you can affect what happens to you by encouraging good energy and repelling bad energy from your home.

Regardless of whether you believe in chi or not, it’s widely accepted that applying feng shui laws really does make for a happier, calmer and more comfortable home, and the practice remains an inspiration for many interior designers and home planners.

So here are 15 quick tips to easily implement feng shui principles and get good energy flowing in your home.

1. Clean and de-clutter your whole house. This the foundation for any home with good feng shui.

2. Welcome as much natural light as possible. Dark corners? Layer your lighting: as well as your main ceiling fixture, add a floor lamp and several table lamps.

3. Move any furniture that’s blocking chi from flowing around the home — you should be able to move freely in natural pathways. Remove unneeded furniture.

4. Use your front door — it represents how chi arrives to your home and life. Entering your home through the garage or another door may limit good energy and opportunities in your life.

5. Add a water feature near the front of the house, whether inside or out. Water represents wealth in feng shui and, when it flows, opportunity can enter your life.

6. Make sure there are no gaps between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling: this space is usually unused and attracts dust and stagnant energy.

7. Keep the bathroom door closed. The bathroom is where water leaves the home and, since it’s related to wealth, you don’t want your money flushed away.

8. Hang a mirror in the dining area: meals nurture and support the family, and a mirror hanging above the table doubles the nourishment.

9. Use the “commanding position” to place your bed: you want to be diagonally across the room from your bedroom door.

10. Cover up or remove the television from your bedroom: its active energy disrupts the calm and quiet you want in this space.

11. Opt for earth tones, pastels and muted colours in bedrooms to promote rest and rejuvenation.

feng shui wanaka real estate
29 Ridgecrest, Wanaka

12. Pick whites, earth tones and pastels for bathrooms rather than the commonly chosen blues and greens. Earthy colours balance the water element already found in the bathroom, bringing the room back into elemental balance.

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40 Suburb Street, Queenstown

13. The kitchen suits terracotta, yellow and golden tones in what is a happy and active part of the home.

kitchen feng shui
14. Working from home? Decorate with brighter colours for motivation or white and cream to support mental clarity.

feng shui wanaka real estate
29 Ridgecrest, Wanaka

15. Exercise rooms, laundry rooms, hallways, garages, playrooms and game rooms — these are active spaces and can be painted brightly. Choose colours that you love!

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