Expert advice: interior design tips for 2017

When you’re selling your home, it’s a no-brainer to go a little further to achieve the greatest return.

One way to do that is to make your property look its absolute best.

So we asked Mark Evans from Peak Interiors, a Queenstown-based interior design firm which operates across Otago, to share his top tips for making your home irresistibly, eye-catchingly and awe-inspiringly attractive.

Tip #1: De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter!


A key aspect when presenting your house for sale is to have a good de-clutter — and that applies whether your property will be professionally staged or not.

Time and time again you see photos of houses overloaded with knick-knacks or too much furniture. You want four to five people to be able to comfortably sit in your main living room and your kitchen (regardless of size), so take away any furniture beyond this. And the only things that should rest on surfaces are lights, plants or a few well-chosen ornaments.

Removing non-necessary items will give a much cleaner look and a greater sense of space. It’s the number one tip I’d give to anyone looking to sell their home in 2017.

Tip #2: Cater for your target market


We stage a huge range of properties from simple one-bedroom apartments to large multi-million dollar high-end properties. The first thing we think about is the type of people likely to buy the house, and then we mix up the furniture and accessories to appeal to that clientele.

This is always our approach when designing an interior: to portray the specific lifestyle the potential purchaser can expect to enjoy. And don’t worry about adding fancy gadgets and special features: cleverly-chosen styles and colour schemes have the greatest influence.

Why should you worry about the interior of your home?


First impressions are so important, particularly for property.

Online and print media is the first point of contact with the market so you need to make a lasting impression straight away. You want to make sure you have high-quality photographs of a well-presented home — something that will make people say “wow!”.

With an empty or poorly-dressed property, many people can’t visualise how the space can be furnished or how the lay-out might work. They’re immediately hit with a bad impression and that could be instrumental in whether or not they progress with the purchase.

Interior design should be seen as an investment in presenting your property to a high standard to gain the attention of a wider audience. There’s no doubt that this will help you to maximise your sale price. At Peak Interiors, our home staging service constantly helps properties sell faster and at prices better than expected — much to the delight of our clients.


Thanks to Mark Evans, BCom VPM for his contribution to this article. Peak Interiors is an interior design firm based in Queenstown and operating across Otago. Here at Harcourts, we value this strong relationship: Peak Interiors’ services are invaluable in helping our clients achieve outstanding results when selling their home. All homes pictured were designed or staged by Peak Interiors.

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