4 essential updates to get your rental property ready for winter

Winter will see an influx of temporary occupants to Queenstown and Wanaka as seasonal workers take up residence for the ski season.

So, landlords — now’s the time to carry out essential maintenance on your rental property to get it ready for leasing over the winter months.

  1. Insulation

A well-insulated home will always come up trumps in the rental market: it makes for a healthier living environment and reduces heating bills. Install ceiling, wall and under-floor insulation and provide thermal-backed curtains for additional warmth.

Insulation will be compulsory in all rental homes by 2019 but get it done now to attract and keep good tenants.

  1. Heating

Good heating makes your property easier to market and likely to attract a higher rental rate.

Heat pumps, modern wood burners and flued gas heaters are excellent options. The Ministry of Health recommends maintaining a minimum temperature of 18°C during the day and 16°C at night.

  1. Spouting and drains

Clogged up plumbing and piping causes leakage and damage — which can be costly to fix.

Check that your gutters and drains are free of leaves and debris and schedule regular clearances to prevent damage.

  1. Security measures

At any time of year, rental property security is vital. As the landlord, you’re responsible for providing and maintaining locks and alarms so that the property is reasonably secure.

winter rental property

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