Proof that auctions give fantastic results in Cromwell

Auctions are effective in a seller’s market — that is, when demand outstrips supply.

When demand is high, you’re likely to have two or more motivated purchasers for any one property. An auction puts these buyers on a level playing field in a totally transparent environment and usually achieves excellent results for both the buyer and the seller.


An agency passionate about the auction process

Here in Cromwell, we’re highly committed to the auction process. We strongly believe it gives sellers the best chance to maximise their return in a short timeframe and we know it affords buyers openness and a level playing field for an informed judgement.

Our Manager John Petre is a strong believer in the success of auctions. Having been auctioning property since 1999, he achieved recognition at Ross Foreman’s Auctioneering Academy in 2000.

Since then, John’s called nearly 1,000 auctions for Harcourts and benefits from ongoing development workshops under internationally-recognised auctioneers Phil McGoldrick and Robert Tulp.

As a figurehead for our organisation, John’s passion for the process is highly infectious. All of our consultants harbour similar dedication and knowledge about auctions and this shows in the results we achieved this year.

John Petre auction
Auctioneer and Harcourts Cromwell and Alexandra Manager John Petre in action.

In 2016, we held 32 auctions.

We sold all 32 properties we took to auction.

We sold 81 per cent of properties prior to auction day or under the hammer, whilst 19 per cent were sold after auction day.

That gives us a 100 per cent success rate for properties taken to auction.

Cromwell auctions

We don’t leave it to chance

These results highlight the state of the market and the level of demand currently in Cromwell. It’s a town on the rise and more and more people are coveting the Central Otago lifestyle.

But the success also accentuates our consultants’ commitment to auctions and the effectiveness of their tailored marketing plans. We know it’s vital the auctioned property is marketed far and wide in the weeks prior to the auction date with a plan specific to its target buyer audience.

We’re proud of our auction achievements and we’re devoted to achieving similar results in 2017. Click here to find out what we can do for you.

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