AGENT ADVICE: what to consider before building your home

There are plenty of parcels of land available in the Wanaka area and people are extremely excited about the chance to build a home in what they call paradise.

Subdivisions like The Heights, Hikuwai and Alpine Estate, as well as many individual sections in fantastic locations, are making the quintessential Kiwi dream available to a huge range of buyers. But there’s plenty to consider and many things to organise, especially if you’re building for the first time.

Our real estate agents share their number one piece of advice they’d give to a client who’s building their home in Wanaka.Peter Fletcher Harcourts building

Peter Fletcher

Create a floorplan that incorporates all the extra rooms and elements that will constitute your dream home. That way, you can build now but have the design ready for when you can afford to add those extra bedrooms, bathrooms or special features. It’ll be a simple next step rather than a major revamp. I guess you’d call it future-proofing.

Sue Grant harcourts building

Sue Grant

Before deciding on your building plan, think about the resale qualities of what you’re building. Who will it appeal to in future? Can you build a home you love whilst also ensuring it will appeal to a target demographic in future, such as young families, downsizers or first home buyers?

Chris Wright harcourts building

Chris Wright

After working for a building company, I’d always recommend checking their references and reputation and speaking with others who have made similar substantial investments in their home build before you get started. Check out previous projects to see their style and successes. Get different companies to price your plans, shop around and challenge their costs (whether they seem high or low) so you completely understand the value they’re offering.

Rebecca WrightRebecca Wright harcourts building

When you’re building your home, the experience should be all about you. If a timescale and fixed price are imperative, find a builder who will put these factors first and don’t hire them if they’re not proactive and communicative from the beginning. If they don’t take the time to understand your needs and wants from the start, are they really going to start caring once you’ve paid your deposit? Go with your gut! If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Helen Henshall harcourts building

Helen Henshall

Seek good advice. It’s imperative to make sure you understand the entire process, and especially the need to get your ducks in a row. And always have a fighting fund — a new-build often ends up costing more than you considered.

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