14 fun and festive Christmas decorating ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, many of you will have started decorating your home for the festivities. But there are so many routes you can take! Chic minimalist? Strict colour theme? An all-out explosion of fun?
Whatever your preference, here are some tips to make sure you’re in fantastically fun and festive form come Christmas Day.   christmas decorations   Deck the halls Indoor decorating should be fun — not a chore! It’s a perfect way to keep the kids occupied and it’s seriously satisfying to receive compliments on your handmade adornments. You probably already throw some baubles on the tree and wrap tinsel around your banisters, so here are some more ideas.
  1. Bake treats to hang on the Christmas tree: this gingerbread recipe is one of our favourites.
  1. Branch out — although real trees are traditional, it can be a pain to keep them looking fresh and to prevent all the needles from falling off. We love these creative alternatives.
  1. Create an easy and interesting DIY centre piece by bundling fairy lights into a transparent vase. You can also add pine cones, baubles, ribbons or flowers. Be inspired here.
  1. With some crafty supplies, have fun making your own advent calendar. Plus you can choose to make it healthier than supermarket-bought versions.
  1. Pin string across your ceiling or walls to hook your Christmas cards on. It’s a neat way of displaying them and keeps your surfaces clear.
  1. Kit your dining table out with homemade place cards, menus and folded napkins. All you need is some card, pens and glitter.
  1. When Christmas is over, produce next year’s present labels by cutting out sections of cards you received.
  1. Have a competition to see who can make the best new decoration each year. It could represent something that happened in the year — a great holiday, a big birthday or another significant occasion.
christmas tree decoration   Adorn your outdoors The trend for decorating the outside of houses and gardens has really picked up in recent years, with many people now doing extravagance extremely well.   decoration outdoors Christmas   But if you’re new to it, our advice is to start small. Here are some more tips, this time for your garden:
  1. Take a picture of the front of your home and begin with some planning. You could hang lights from your roof or wrap them around trees and along hedges. You might want to light up characters on your roof or lawn. The possibilities are endless! Decide whether you want a tied-together look or a crazy mix of decoration.
  1. A front-door wreath is an easy, classic and understated way of dressing up your door. There’s some great inspiration over on Pinterest.
  1. Adding lights to a tree is a great next step. Start at the bottom and wrap the lights around the trunk. But as you reach the branches, weave the lights up and down the tree rather than round and round like you would your indoor tree. It’s less work!
  1. Create a Christmas scene with light-up characters like Santa and Rudolph. This one’s not for the faint-hearted — it’ll made a big statement! But it’s particularly fun if you have children around.
  1. Wrap unused cardboard boxes to create piles of parcels at every turn. For a grown-up twist, we think they look particularly good as part of a stylish colour theme like metallic or black and white.
  1. Remember that you need day-time decorations too, especially for a sunny southern hemisphere Christmas! You can use baubles, tinsel, driftwood, flowers and shells to make your outdoor space just as festive in the day as it is at night.
  christmas wreath   Quick tips:
  • If you’re decorating outdoors, make sure your lights and extension cords are weatherproof.
  • Choose LED lights for a kinder electricity bill or go solar-powered for no bill at all.
  • Use electrical tape to keep decorations in place.
  • Opt for lights with a timer so you (and your neighbours!) aren’t kept awake.
We hope you have fun trying out some of these ideas. Share your best decoration photos with us on Facebook or Twitter — we’d love to see them! And, as ever, get in touch if you need help selling or buying a property over the festive period. christmas card