13 easy ways to stay on your property manager’s good side

We’ve had times where relationships between our property managers and tenants have broken down.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our friendly team sees your happiness and comfort as a priority — it’s just as important to us as keeping our landlords happy.

So forget previous bad experiences, harsh landlords or unreasonable property managers. We’re extending the olive branch and starting again — these 13 tips will help you understand what we expect from you and why relationships can sometimes become strained. Help us out with these aspects and we’ll get on fabulously.

Plus, we’ll be able to give you a great reference when you decide to move on from your current property.

  1. Pay rent on time.

We know this seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many tenants pay rent late. Want to stay on our (and your landlord’s) good side? The easiest way is to set up a direct debit and pay rent on time every week!

  1. Be polite.

Being polite and calm really does go a long way and we’ll always respond with the utmost courtesy too. After all, we’re at work and we want to represent our company in the best way possible. When issues seem to linger on, try to see our viewpoint — we’re dealing with hundreds of tenants and landlords and, honestly, we’re doing our best to get things resolved!

  1. Listen to our instructions.

You might not believe it, but we know a thing or two about houses! Watch and listen when we show you how to trip a beaker or turn a gas valve off. Everything we say is to make your life easier and our job smoother.

  1. Be our eyes and ears.

We have to take care of many properties and we won’t know about any problems or issues if you don’t tell us. The earlier you can inform us of a problem, the quicker we can sort it and the less likely it is to escalate.

  1. Tell the truth.

Accidents happen — we understand that kids, friends and even you can make mistakes, and telling us the truth about damage will help us get the problem resolved as soon as possible. After many years in the business, we’ve heard all excuses and we can spot a lie a mile off.

  1. Leave a message.

If we don’t answer your call, please leave us a message or drop us a text rather than calling again and again. We may be in a meeting or with other clients and unable to answer at the time.

  1. Understand we have a lot going on.

Just like everyone at work, we need to prioritise our workload around the urgency of each issue. If we can’t deal with your problem today, it doesn’t mean we don’t care — it may just be that someone else has something bigger we need to worry about. We’ll communicate with you as much as possible so you know why we may be delayed in sorting your problem out.

  1. If you get in a bind, talk to us.

Did you lose your job? Has your flatmate gone off the deep end? We want to know what’s going on and we want to help — don’t think you’ll be in trouble! It won’t help if you put your head in the sand and hope whatever problem you have will go away. Speak to us and we’ll help you address it and get out of any sticky situation. Communication is key!

  1. Treat the property and the people who do work for us with respect.

We love knowing that our tenants are looking after our properties — a clean tidy damage-free house at inspection time is a sure fire way to get into our good books. And there’s nothing better than hearing from an electrician, plumber or other tradesperson that they encountered a lovely tenant.

  1. Work with us.

You have a busy schedule, we have a busy schedule — let’s work together and make everyone’s lives easier. Trust us, we want your problem resolved because we have a dozen more to deal with! Where you can, work with us on times and arrangements. We hate to disturb you but we’ll be done and out of your hair as soon as possible.

  1. Trust us.

We only ever want to enter your home for a legitimate reason — we’re not going to steal your stuff or mess with your things!

  1. Follow the rules.

We set rules because it’s our job to return a landlord’s property to them after a tenancy in the same way it began. When you sign a contract, you agree to all those rules, so don’t ignore them once you’ve moved in.

  1. Respect your neighbours.

Try and put yourself in your neighbour’s shoes — would you appreciate a loud party the night before your final exams or a major presentation at work? No, you wouldn’t! Respecting others is a key part of living on your own so be as considerate as you can and, if you mess up, an apology can go a long way.

With a little give and take, we can keep our relationship strong and you can have a much more enjoyable and relaxing time in your rental home. We know we’re not always perfect, but we’re just doing our job as best we can.

Want help finding a rental home or have a question about our services? Get in touch anytime.