10 secret ways to increase your home’s sale price

Getting ready to sell your home? You’re probably thinking about what you can do to make sure you get the best sale price possible — from styling and renovating to choosing the right real estate consultant.
While you’re never going to double the value of your property, there are certain things you can do to push the sale price up. And they’re not always expensive or big changes — most are to do with presentation and marketing strategies. Here’s our 10 step formula to help maximise your home’s sale price.
  1. Widen the buyer pool
sale price To get the most money for your home, you need to encourage as many potential buyers as possible to make an offer. That starts with property marketing — have you got a strategy in place which will generate the most possible interest? Does your property come across as accessible and affordable to a wide range of interested parties? Your agent’s strategy should revolve around attracting interest from as many people as possible across a broad range of prices. That might involve opting for a non-priced marketing approach such as taking the property to auction or for sale by negotiation.
  1. Increase viewing opportunities
sale price Once someone’s through the door, you’re in with a chance of making them fall in love with your home. More viewers equal more chances, so make your home available for viewings at every opportunity. Set several open home dates over the duration of your home sale and be ready for your consultant to conduct private viewings if needed. Play music, turn all the lights on and make yourself scarce — your consultant will have plenty of tricks up their sleeve for best open home practice.
  1. Up the street appeal
sale price
Great street appeal at 72 Infinity Drive, Wanaka.
First impressions are everything: can you make your home look the best on your street? Most of this isn’t about which home is actually more expensive, it’s just about neat and tidy exterior presentation. Mow the lawn, clean the car, sweep the driveway, paint the front door and mailbox, get a new doormat and add some flowerpots or plants in the porch. Also consider the presentation of the street as a whole as buyers wants to know that they’re moving into a great area. If you’re friendly with the neighbours, ask if they could move their cars off the road and offer to mow their lawns. You could also get in touch with the council to see if they can trim the hedges or remove that big tree that blocks a great view.
  1. Be clear about your hopes and intentions
sale price Are there any potential barriers or issues buyers might come across? Address them straight off and buyers will know you’re not hiding anything — they’ll be more likely to trust you and your property, and won’t come across a nasty surprise that might put them off. A building report will help you become aware of any structural issues with your home, which you can either fix or work into your expectations. And be honest with your consultant as to why you’re moving on — buyers will appreciate your perspective.
  1. Define your target audience
sale price
Chic luxury: 7 Stowmore Lane is styled with buyers in mind.
Who’s going to buy your home? Setting an ideal buyer in mind will help you present your home to suit them perfectly. You can turn that spare room into an extra bedroom, study, kids’ playroom or gym depending on your buyer.
  1. Make your garden liveable
sale price
A simply stunning and easily liveable outdoor space at 40B Ferry Lane, Cromwell.
One of the main things New Zealand buyers are looking for is a garden that will be useful and loveable all year round. One thing that appeals to everyone? An outside area where friends and family can sit together and relax. Do you have a deck or paved area? Consider adding one if you have the time and money. If not, just make sure your garden furniture and barbecue are clean and in good condition. If you don’t currently have your own, ask a friend or family to borrow some. It’s also important to show how accessible your garden is from inside the house. You could keep the doors open if the weather allows, letting buyers step outside with ease.
  1. Freshen up to make an impact
sale price
The gorgeous effect of a fresh and smart living space at 51 Moodie Street, Dunedin.
It goes without saying, but making sure your home is neat, fresh and tidy will give a better impression and has a huge effect on the subconscious of buyers. Clean the windows inside and out to let as much light as possible into the home and wash curtains and blinds to eliminate bad odours. Run the vacuum around at the last minute and wipe down walls — essential if you have young children around!
  1. Support your listing online
harcourts digital plus sale price If you feel comfortable sharing your online listing on social media, do it! There are many benefits to social media these days: it’s a really quick way to get your news out. And your Facebook friends may well know people looking to move nearby! So share the listing and show how much you love your home. Just be careful in replying to comments or revealing your target price, as this will obstruct your chance of achieving a top sale price. If in doubt, refer people to your agent rather than giving anything away.
  1. Let your neighbours choose their neighbours
sale price
Close communities can be really supportive with your home sale. This view of Alexandra is from 37 Aronui Road.
Part of a community forum or Facebook group? Post your listing and encourage your neighbours to get the word out that a great property on their street has just become available — they’re the greatest advocates for your area. Invite neighbours to your open homes, too. They may be interested in speaking to the local agent regarding current house prices and you create the opportunity for your neighbours to sell the neighbourhood to prospective buyers. On top of that, a busy open home reaffirms to buyers that the property is a great one!
  1. Employ the right real estate agent
digital real estate sale price Choosing the best real estate agent to market your home is vitally important in achieving the maximum sale price. It needs to be someone you get on with and who offers great service, as well as someone who possesses vital market knowledge, familiarity with your area and the skills to market and sell your property according to your goals and deadlines. An active local agent may also have an existing pool of buyers with interest in a property like yours — when you meet them, ask questions about their database, how they plan on sourcing buyers and who their marketing will be aimed at. Many people opt for the consultant with the cheapest fees, but this can be an error as you tend to get what you pay for. Remember — if they’re a top real estate agent, they’ll achieve a sale price that makes their fees worth it.   Getting the best sale price possible for your property sale ultimately comes down to the work-rate and resources of your consultant. If you’re selling your house in Alexandra, Balclutha, Cromwell, Dunedin, Queenstown, Wanaka or anywhere else in Otago, get in touch with us and speak to an expert who will make your property and sale price their priority.